Entrance into the amusement park is free.  Guest must wear the daily wristband, which can be purchased at the main ticket booth near the Log Cabin Gift Shop, in order to access rides.  Season pass holders, please report to the main ticket booth with your season pass and identification to receive your wristband for the day. 



Parking is free at Conneaut Lake Park (excluding Fall Pumkin Fest Weekend).  Please lock your vehicle and do not leave any valuables inside.  Conneaut Lake Park is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 


Dress Code

Shirt, shoes and pants are required.  Bathing suits must be covered by a shirt and shorts when worn in the amusement park.  Please remember that Conneaut Lake Park is a family amusement location.  Clothing with rude, vulgar or violent language or graphics is prohibited.


First Aid

Minor first aid is available at the Log Cabin gift shop and in the main office during office hours. 



Dogs on leashes are welcome in the amusement park and the campground.  Please be considerate to others and clean up after your furry friend.  Depositories can be found in different locations throughout the amusement park.  Please make sure that your pet has adequate water during their visit to Conneaut Lake Park and never leave a pet in a hot vehicle unattended.



Prohibited except for within designated sales areas within the amusement park.


Carry in items/Food & Beverage

Food and beverage items can be brought in to the designated picnic areas only.


Paging  Policy

We do not page for guests.


Rain Policy and Inclement Weather

Some rides may close during periods of high winds, heavy rains and/or lightning.  These attractions will re-open as soon as possible after the weather clears.  Rain Checks are not offered.  During a period of inclement weather, please use additional caution as rain may cause the ground and other surfaces to be slippery.  


Lost and Found

The Lost and Found is located in the Log Cabin Gift Shop.  Conneaut Lake Park is not responsible for the loss or theft of personal property.



Children under 13 years of age may not be at the Park without adult supervision and we recommend that all minors be accompanied by an adult.  Conneaut Lake Park does not assume any liability or responsibility for unattended minors. 

If you are unable to locate your child a member of our Staff will be happy to assist you.  We strongly recommend that you designate a meeting place within the Park for this unlikely occurance.



In designated Smoking Areas only.


Prohibited items  

No glass containers.  No liquor, beer or wine, except in designated sales areas within the amusement park.  No weapons or sharp objects.  No clothing with inappropriate language or graphics.  No profanity, unruly behavior, running or climbing on amusement rides, fences or buildings.  No bikes, skateboards, rollerblades or wheeled shoes.  No bare feet.  No smoking (except for designated areas).  No loud boomboxes/stereos. 


Ride Safety

Height Restrictions – Guests will be measured at each ride entrance location.  Possession of a wristband does not automatically guarantee ride access due to height restrictions.  Individual height restrictions are located at the entrance to each ride.

Line cutting may result in dismissal from the park.

Guests may not ride on another guest’s lap.