Hello volunteers!


Thank you for your interest in helping to prepare the park for Opening Weekend! Most of the projects will involve painting and various landscaping. Any specific projects will be announced a few days prior to the weekend--check our Facebook page for updates! (@newconneautlakepark)  


Unless otherwise noted, all clean up days will start at 8am and will meet at the Midway ticket booth. Lunch will not be provided and concessions will not be open so bring a bagged lunch/cooler if you wish! Below are the list of available dates.


The first clean up weekend will be removing leaves, trash and debris from the grounds.



Saturday, 23rd - POSTPONED due to weather

Sunday, 24th - POSTPONED due to weather


Saturday, 30th

Sunday, 31st



Saturday, 6th

Sunday, 7th


Saturday, 13th

Sunday, 14th


Saturday, 20th

Sunday, 21st


Saturday, 27th

Sunday, 28th



Saturday, 4th

Sunday, 5th


Saturday, 11th

Sunday, 12th


Saturday, 18th

Sunday, 19th